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Casey Kasem Still Not Buried, Family Feud Continues
6 days ago

Karma is going to get Jean Kasem in a big way! Even dead, the bitch won't let him rest in peace!

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg Talk Wedding Plans, Applebee's and Kimye
35 days ago

WOW! There are TWO sane people in Hollywood! So glad to see some "normal" stars who are NOT total media whores like the Kardashians! I bet half of Hollywood can't stand then either! They are such phonies! if the media ignored them, they would be NOTHING! Like they say, Karma is a bitch!

Good luck Jennie and Donnie! Applebee's would be a good choice for the rehearsal dinner OR the apps! :-)

See What Lady Gaga Looks Like Without Makeup!
47 days ago

At least she looks "normal"! Ever see Joan Rivers or Kathy Griffin without makeup? You'll have NIGHTMARES!

Teresa Giudice Pleads Guilty, Tells 'Extra' She’s 'Heartbroken' for Daughters
140 days ago

Too bad her and her jackass husband didn't THINK about the kids BEFORE they committed FRAUD! With parents like this, the kids will probably be better off with some saner adults in their life anyway. Just the fact that they are involved with ANY Housewives of whatever tells me that they lack COMMON SENSE and are nothing but attention seekers!

ABC Anchor Elizabeth Vargas in Treatment for Alcohol Addiction
257 days ago

Hang in there Elizabeth! This just goes to prove that ANYONE can become addicted to alcohol! It knows NO boundaries- young, old, rich, poor, white, black etc. I would imagine that with the type of jobs TV people have and the hours you keep and the locations you have to visit, can lead to a very chaotic life!

I look forward to seeing you again on TV! I KNOW the GMA team is behind you 1,000%!

Racy Photo Shoot! Are Kylie and Kendall Showing Too Much Skin?
259 days ago

This is the first family of sluts, so WHY would ANYONE be surprised that two MORE are joining the group?

MTV VMAs: Miley Cyrus Responds to Twerking Controversy with Naughty Pics
329 days ago

She has gone OVER the top! She is MORE narcissistic than ANY Kardashian including KIM! I hope that SENSIBLE parents will NOT allow their teens to buy her stuff, go to her shows or have anything else to do with her! She needs a good dose of REALITY!

Video! Kanye West on Kim Kardashian and Baby North, Photog Sues
334 days ago

If he doesn't want his picture taken or anyone to talk to him, then let him stay INDOORS with the love of his life and his baby! Go live in FRANCE!

Paula Deen Apologizes for Racial Slurs
396 days ago

She's nothing but a PHONY! I'm glad she's getting fired from the Food Network! If she doesn't know that the N word is a HATEFUL word at 66 years old, she'll NEVER learn! This is NOT the first time she has LIED about things either! I bet that accent/Southern drawl is phony too!

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Threatened by Paparazzi, Lashes Out
410 days ago

MAYBE the media whore should just stay HOME! She loves EVERY second of it. She THRIVES off the DRAMA!

‘DWTS’ Recap: Judge Meltdown and Romance Rumors
441 days ago

I think it's time Len RETIRES! Maybe this was all an act for ratings because so much in CA is fake/phony, but Len rarely is in a good mood! Go away Len, your comments at times border on BULLYING!

Kim Kardashian on Miscarriage Scare: I'm Going to Slow Down a Little Bit
491 days ago

She's probably not even pregnant! One minute she's "skinny" as a "twig". The next- big as an elephant! Between her fake azz and her "fake" baby bump I guess all that counts is that everyone is talking about it!

Lipsynch Stink: Beyoncé Saving Voice for Super Bowl Halftime Show?
544 days ago

That's BULL! She does show after show, concert after concert and doesn't worry about her voice UNLESS those concerts are fake too! Singing for 2 minutes at the inauguration and then weeks later singing at the Super Bowl would give her voice plenty of time to "heal"! What is wrong with these fake people that make millions and probably fool us all the time!

Lindsay Lohan Update: Booze, Cash, Racial Slurs Behind Arrest?
599 days ago

LOL..What does Lohan have a lawyer on both coasts? She needs one to travel with her EVERY day! What a LOSER! Let's see if she spends more than 2 hours in jail for all these latest charges. Any bets?