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Maria Menounos Gets Real on Oxygen
636 days ago

Why, why, why is bitchin'-hot bikini chick Maria Menounos joining all the washed-up "celebrities" and agreeing to do a "reality-TV" show? Her hotness is so great that she doesn't need, as do all the "celebreality" personalities, to waste it doing this 15-minutes-of-fame form. Maria, dearest, I beg you: Display your babeliciousness where it belongs--in a men's magazine or in online photos, not on this bastardized, completely decadent form of television.

Pic! Jessica Alba Shows Off Bikini Bod
651 days ago

Jessica Alba has always been one of the most hotter-than-hot girls inhabiting the current celebrity/entertainment scene. The above photo showing her sunbathing while on the Italian coast is undoubtedly further proof of that. Really and truly, this gal's babelicious quotient is and has always been plentiful, capital P. So, Jessica, you continue to exhibit and work your stuff. Your many, many, many male admirers, myself included, will continue to have you as the target of our drooling and our panting and our yearning.

Maria Menounos Flaunts Beach Bod in Rockin' Bikini
651 days ago

Maria Menounos has always, always had one of the most outright BITCHIN' bikini bods in the contemporary celebrity/entertainment galaxy. The Shape magazine cover proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Why in the HELL hasn't Maxim magazine snapped this girl up for a pictorial? Any issue with her in it would simply fly off the newsstands. So, Maria, you keep right on workin' it and showin' it. We men will keep right on being alongside you, fervently hoping to see you close up and chat with you.