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Paris Jackson Gets Creepy Message from MJ’s Killer, Dr. Conrad Murray
315 days ago

Knowing this Doctor ... He is sincere in what he says to Paris.... He knew and treated them as children and liked them very much.. They liked him too. He would tell them how much their father loved them and they are pretty much all he really loved... So i think it's great that Dr Murray reach out... He is a very good hearted man .. who does care.... with you Dr Murray.... Donna Lyn.... Vegas

Paris Jackson: I Want to Make My Dad Proud
553 days ago

I wish Paris and Latoya would go see and speak with Dr Conrad Murray about just what happened that night.. He was Michael's friend and this was certainly an accident... Dr Murray is a good man.. I know him well... Listen to what he will tell you ... Michael liked him.. and the Dr liked Michael very much.. Despite what the courts and jury thought... He told me that one day the truth would prevail... I believe him.
Thank you..