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Did John Mayer Cheat on Katy Perry? He Reportedly Got Cozy with Another Woman
47 days ago

Katy could do better he's nothing to look at like her first husband.And the girl from CA is no bargain at all.

Bruce Jenner: Shaved Adam's Apple and Ombre Bouffant?
69 days ago

He looks good in the picture of him with his wife. All he needs is a haircut.

Extreme Plastic Surgery? Bruce Jenner May Want to Shave His Adam’s Apple
86 days ago

I can understand him wanting his Adam's apple scraped down some. Some men have it sticking out so bad that it looks weird and when you get old and under your chin sags some it can look awkward. You also have to look where he lives HOLLYWOOD California where people are more prone to plastic surgery than someone from another state. Out there they are so into the fear of becoming old and will do anything to look young if they have the money. California fake boobs, botox what-have-you. It's a shame. Just hope he doesn't do the same mistake Michael Jackson did and that his plastic surgeon can talk him out of anything that will make him look worse.

Mocking Justin Bieber: Stars React to Teen’s Arrest
87 days ago

He looks like Miley Cyrus. If he goes to jail he will be bending over like her.

Nip Alert! Kendall Jenner in a Sexy See-Through Top
152 days ago

You see a lot of this in Vogue Magazine it has nothing to do with the Kardashian's lifestyle. She is a model.

Paula Deen Chopped! How Much of Her $17-Mil Fortune Will She Lose?
300 days ago

Next they will be in your bathroom to see if you sh-t out the N word!
Why don't you go after the black shows on TV that have a white person as being stupid now. Do you hear white people complaining... NO! Get over it people and grow up. Paula Deen is talented and talkative in her cooking show and her restaurant is packed with customers. She did not do a crime that she should go to jail so why take away her job and profession. Her audience are adults not kids so you don't need to remove her from what she does. Also lots of people have used the n word, white trash, cracker or cursing (to some cussing) bit_h, bast__d, etc. These words are normally used in a heated argument at someone who got them mad at the moment. It happens and when it is used outside of your job on your own time it cannot be used against you for losing your job. It's called an invasion of your privacy. Most news persons are invading peoples privacy because they are the worst newscasters going. A great newscaster goes for the real news not PETTY SH_T!

Paris Jackson: 'I Want to Be a Surgeon and Help People'
371 days ago

She is still young but at least she is thinking of her future. She is only 15 no hospital will hire her at that age. I hate when people show a negative attitude towards people with a positive attitude as what the want to do or be. Give her a chance. When people keep saying you can do or yeah right your going to... they are using a form of brainwashing a person to failure. Don't do that to your kids stand behind them instead.

Kendra Wilkinson Quits ‘Splash’: ‘It’s Bittersweet’
382 days ago

You should be proud Kendra you did it that far. Don't listen to those who criticize showed up to try they aren't even on the show.They are the cowards.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Considering Unusual Baby Name
396 days ago

A girl!
How about Kleopatra West.