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Tori and Dean Cheating Scandal: How She Found Out About His Affair
4 days ago

How can you say "Poor Tori"?? Dean was cheating on his pregnant wife WITH TORI! She knew what she was getting involved in. She had to have realized if he was going to cheat on his last wife with her, that she very well would eventually be cheated on by him, too.

Kendall Jenner Photobombs Kim Kardashian Belfie
103 days ago

Do these girls only feel their self worth by posting photos of their backsides? Do they not get enough attention at home that they feel the need to do this?

No Marital Trouble Here! Tori Spelling Sends Cheerful Christmas Message
119 days ago

He cheated an his first wife Mary Jo with Tori, so she shouldn't be shocked if he cheats on her!

'Kitchen Nightmares': Amy’s Baking Co. Blames Facebook Posts on Hackers
344 days ago

She's going to HURT somebody? She needs to take a step back and see where the problem is actually coming from. The tips belong to the SERVER, too - not the owners. I could say more, the server said 'lost cause'.