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Kim K's Nipple Steals the Spotlight in Latest Selfie
25 days ago

In the "nsfw" version (the REAL one, not the one linked in the article.) you can see that it's not her nipple. It looks like she is wearing a flesh tone bra or something.

NSFW? See Eva Green's Banned 'Sin City 2' Poster!
53 days ago

Curve of under breast? Really? So, cleavage (or "curve of upper breast") is acceptable but curve of under breast is lewd? Makes sense to me! lol

Scout Willis Goes Topless to Protest Instagram Anti-Nudity Policy
54 days ago

@namers You may want to educate yourself before you speak about subjects you clearly know little to nothing about. Due to a 1992 Court of Appeals ruling (People v. Santorelli et al.) women may be topless anywhere in the state of New York that permits topless men, e.g. on city streets.

Video! Bindi Irwin and Little Brother Bob Are So Grown Up!
136 days ago

You're right. When transfering a dangerous animal such as a crocodile from one location to another they should be allowed to snack on any humans that happen to be nearby. Do you even have a clue who Steve Irwin was or what he did? Animal cruelty? Definitely not!

Paul Walker’s Lookalike Stuntman Brother Asked to Join 'Fast and Furious 7'
218 days ago

So, all the time and money they've spent on writing and filming the movie up to this point should just be thrown away? It's unfortunate that he died, but everyone else involved with the movie must go on living.