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Is LeAnn Rimes Joining ‘Real Housewives’?
423 days ago

A rumour started by Rimes, to be denied by Rimes.

The wretched creature LIVES to be seen online (Inernet addcition) in relation to her obsession, Brandi Glanville.

Rimes had hoped she could steal another woman's family, then taunt, stalk, and harass her with impunity for four long years.

They took her house from under her, her savings was tied to the house, tried to take her children, left her homeless and penniless, but that wasn't enough. Rimes and Eddie made sure there was no alimony, little to no child support either. He arrived in a new Porsche', bought Rimes an 80k diamond engagement ring, then filed for a reduction in child support effectively forcing Glanville to leave her new rental house too.

Rimes taunted her with text messages after she affair was discovered:
"cant wait to make lunch for MY boys and take them to soccer (practice)".
Tweeting photos of her babies, which she still does. tweeting ugly things about Brandi, several new zingers just last week.
Rimes fans harassed her about her PRIVATE gyno surgery on Twitter, they created illustrated cartoons, they tweeted en masse.
Glanville had only told her husband. It was private. Who do you think told Rimes closet Twitter fans all Brandi's personal business.
Rimes used her publicist to plant horrible stories, then to whitewash her own actions. There were four more boohoo, poor me, Rimes primetime interviews in the past few weeks.

Glanville only had Twitter to expose the actions, to protect herself and her children.

Now, finally, Glanville, after four years gets to explain what she went through and what really has been happening.