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Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey: 'Idol' Smackdown Caught on Tape
565 days ago

Firstly, Mariah needs to get over herself, and secondly Nicki just needs to ignore her.

Sure, i'm incredibly biased because I've never liked Carey's music, like ever and She's probably a really good vocalist. But most, if not all, of the songs she has sung are not worth making, buying or listening too. On the other hand Nicki is an individual, who brings something new to the table, she dresses differently, speaks differently and THE best selling female rapper of all time! Seriously, what has Carey got over Nicki really? a better education? so what? education doesn't matter in the long run, in this business you've either got it or you don't and it doesn't matter where you come from! And not to mention it was a HUGE mistake putting 'Her highness' Mariah on American Idol. My rant is now over x

Casting '50 Shades of Grey': Top Picks for Anastasia and Christian
639 days ago

For Christian the only guys that SHOULD be seriously considered are: Alexander Skarsgard, Ian Somerhalder and Ryan Gosling... they all have what it takes to make this role! And they've already played roles like these and I can assure you that any one of these actors can do it again! i can't chose between these three but i'd surely be happy with any one of them! But i can say that Ryan or Ian should draw to be the number one contender!

For Anastasia: i'd either go with Mila Kunis, Amanda Seyfried or Kirsten Stewart. Mila has always been a favourite of mine since that 70's show, As Jackie with the confident but yet insecure role, and would like to see a more sensitive side to her acting. Amanda has always been good with the dramatic but yet sensitive scenes... Kirsten stewart, well i'm just interested to see what she can bring to the role..... but i think they should still keep looking for THE Anastasia, but if i HAD to chose out of these actresses it would defiantly be Mila Kunis! :)