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Carol Wekszner
Name Carol Wekszner
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About Me I've been a person who will stick up for the under dog if they need help.I am my own person who is sick and tired of people who don't give 100 percent.
Carol Wekszner
Paula Deen Chopped! How Much of Her $17-Mil Fortune Will She Lose?
297 days ago

Maybe it's time to post the name and pictures of the female who started this problem with Ms.Dean.Didn't she apply for a job at a restraunt that Ms.Dean was opening up and she didn't like the attire that was chosen for the wait staff.I sometimes wonder why people do these things to other people.I truly feel sorry for this young woman who started this problem.But we the people who will side with what is right,will go on and people like this woman who had a problem with the dress attire will get what they deserve.

Carol Wekszner
Katy Perry's Late Night Hook Up with John Mayer: Pics!
624 days ago

I sometimes wonder who or what magazine are actually telling the truth about Kristen Stewart and Rob P. Yes she made a mistake but what about the MARRIED MAN WHO SEDUCED HER.He is a 41 year old man who has been around that block a few times and then you have a 22 year-old who has spent most of her life acting and being away from family and friends for a long time.He approached her with his stories.When you are around someone who is suppose to be an adult,and turns the tables on young actors maybe he needs his Head Examined.As for the person who took the pictures,someone should start taking pictures of these blackmailers and scum balls.I hope the IRS catches up with perverts like him

Carol Wekszner
Wait… Kristen Stewart Moved Out, Not Rob
627 days ago

That picture that was taken with rupert sanders practicilly pushing at kristen stewart where she has no place to go.And what is a 41 year old man pushing on a 21 year old kristen.Rupert to me is a pervert.Can't he get anyone his own age.