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Brent Carter
Honey Boo Boo Takes Over at The Grove!
550 days ago

How in Gods name do we buy in to this complete bull****! I have never seen anything so rediculous as this over weight, obese child, not to mention ignorant child, getting air time! Why do we as a nation buy into this stupid crap! Why do we pay this COW mom to raise her cow child in front of a camera? What possible good can come from this garbage you people call entertainment, except to say if you are ugly, obese and plain ignorant that you can make a living on television. Is this really what this country is now all about!!!???? I would rather slit my throat that give one minute of my tv viewing time to something so repulsive! Please comment if you have a shred of dignity! I have got to know why this is on the air! Please make me understand!