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Cheatin' Dean McDermott Is Threatening to Divorce Tori Spelling!
1 day ago

Well, Dean, that would be a good idea (in my mind anyway), then Tori can kick your ass for child support! hahaha What the heck did she ever see in this loser? Does he even have a job?

Lindsay Lohan's Sex List Confession
5 days ago

NO ONE with any sense would sleep with this dirt bag. Oprah enabled her as long as she could, but even Oprah found out lolo is a liar and still drinking!

Did Lindsay Lohan Relapse at Coachella?
8 days ago

Oprah had proved herself to be a total idiot! Lindsay will NEVER be sober.

Video! Leonardo DiCaprio Shows Off His Crazy Dance Moves at Coachella
9 days ago

i won't bother to follow your links anymore, I had to watch FOUR ads about something I don't give a crap about!

Morning Show Wars: Michael Strahan’s Gig on ‘GMA’?
21 days ago

I wish hwe would leave the show with Kelly. I have only watched a few shows since he came onboard. He's loud, interupts her all the time and says things like he wants to make us think bad of Kelly. SHE is the only reason anyone watches that show. He is nothing, and GMA can have him! I check out who the guests are and try to watch, but he's awful, obnoxious, and rude. I don't like him at all...can ya tell? LOL*

The World According to Phil Robertson: Men Should Marry Underage Girls
113 days ago

Hell, if I HAD been married at 15 or 16, I wouldn't have had 2 illigetimate kids by the time I was 18!! I grew up in Amish community where getting married at an early age, usually above 15 was the normal. AND, those marriages lasted because they were based in faith in God, not faith in eash other!

Nicki Minaj Shows Up Late to ‘American Idol’ Taping, Blames Traffic
405 days ago

I remember hearing a sermon years ago on the 10 commandments. When The preacher got to "Thou shalt not steal", I was nearly alseep, but then he said something that changed my life. He said that commandment meant more than just taking things from others, it also means taking some one else's TIME as well! Who am I to hold up a wedding, a party, a work shift, or even a TV show? He preached about not being where we should be (on time) was a selfish act and distracts others from the purpose of me being there in the first place. I am ALWAYS on time! LOL* Well, mostly, anyways. I sure do try hard to be on time, and sometimes I show up 30 mins to an hour early so as not to be late.

When my kids were growing up, I used to tell them "if you want to stay out of trouble, don't do things that draw attention". Perhaps Nicki is just now learning these lessons or maybe she has a need for critical attention. Ya know, even bad attention is attention, and she thrives on keeping controversy and attention on herself. I am not watching AI this season, she's just so unpleasant both in her looks as well as her words. Not my kind of person, I hope this is the only season she is on as a judge.

Savannah Guthrie Takes Ann Curry's Spot on 'Today'
660 days ago

Sorry, I hate the way they did Ann Curry, and I hope savannah chokes! I hope Matt does too! What scum he turned out to be. Today will have to get rid of his caustic and ugly bald arrogant demeanor to save the show. I won't watch it anymore and I've watched it since Dave Garroway was the anchor!! Good Morning America!!