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Jay Leno Reviews New ‘Tonight Show’ with Host Jimmy Fallon
42 days ago

Jay's too diplomatic. Who needs duets with Jay Z; I want Headlines, Jaywalking, Stuff We Found on eBay and other brilliant Leno features that Fallon doesn't do anything close to.

Denise Richards on How She Keeps Looking Fabulous at 43
43 days ago

I have a sample of Orogold Day Cream from Sephora that I'm using right now, and it is fabulous!! Denise is living proof of how great their products are.

Simon Cowell Exclusive: First Interview Since Becoming a Dad!
49 days ago

Fatherhood looks good on him!! So happy for him and Lauren!! Next interview, bring in little Eric for everyone to see.

Simon Cowell Says Goodbye to ‘X Factor’ in the US
62 days ago

Sad that there are no responses to this awful news. Who knows when or if Simon will come back to American TV, and we have no way of seeing his UK shows here except on virus-ridden torrents. Fox should have cancelled American Idol, which is also nothing without Simon, and put US X Factor on in January. That way he could do both the US and UK versions, and both sides of the pond would be happy.

New Dad Simon Cowell Welcomes His Son!
64 days ago

I miss the days when Extra was practically The Simon Show, and often referred to as his "home away from Idol". Please don't forget him now that he is no longer on American TV. We need you to keep us up on what he's doing more than ever now. Send Terri to New York or London to interview Simon; they are so entertaining together.

Report: Demi Lovato to Exit ‘X Factor’
127 days ago

It was only a matter of time. I hope Simon will keep this in mind if he's thinking about bringing in another top recording artist as a judge.

'The Voice' Results Recap! Who's In and Who's Out
141 days ago

Again, you continue to ignore X Factor, and choosing to cover The Voice instead adds insult to injury. You used to recap every X Factor show, and feature weekly backstage interviews. Now the only recognition you give it is Mario will mention it in passing, like it was just something he did. Promotion and publicity are what build viewership. If X Factor is doing poorly in the ratings, maybe it's because of a lack of buzz. It's up to you to do something about that.

Faked Death? 5 Reasons Andy Kaufman May Still Be Alive
153 days ago

Does this mean he could possibly turn up alive next year on the 30th anniversary of his alleged death?

Simon Cowell: ‘I Haven’t Been Ring Shopping’
154 days ago

I hope the TV version will be longer; this is too short. But it's a great interview. I just hope he doesn't go back to the UK X Factor unless Fox moves the US version to January.

'The Voice' Results! Who's In and Who's Out
155 days ago

I'm peeved that you cover The Voice but are scarcely covering X Factor this season. X Factor is Mario's show, and Simon has always been like family to you. There is plenty of room for you to cover both shows, so let's see some backstage X Factor interviews, after show events, and recaps of the actual show. Also, I would like to see another X Factor event like you had at The Grove two years ago.

‘The Voice’ Top 12 Results May Shock You!
167 days ago

The Voice is overrated. Why don't you cover X Factor instead?

No Underwear? Jaimie Alexander Shows Off Her Sheer Beauty
169 days ago

I agree; that dress is completely tasteless. I don't care how great her body is. She should have been arrested for indecent exposure.

Simon Cowell Reveals What He Wants to Name His Baby Son
170 days ago

I think Eric should be the first choice. It would be a wonderful way to honor his father's memory. I love that he wants to teach his son to take over his business.

PLEASE, no Britney!! Get Fifth Harmony and/or Emblem3 to perform instead. And have Kelly perform solo; she doesn't need Beyonce or Destiny's Child.

Pic! Amanda Bynes Goes to Court... in Sweats and a Green Wig
289 days ago

She's in serious need of help.

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