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Barbara Peterson
Beyoncé Wants Women to Own Their Sexuality… and Hopes Her Music Will Help
7 days ago

Her example to young women are sinful. The picture of her sitting with her legs spread showing her crotch is worst than Miley Cyrus. She also has the look of the devil ….evil...I wouldn't want my daughters to see or watch either one of them. Entertainment has gone to the devil lately. No wonder the world is in such a turmoil.

Barbara Peterson
See Michelle Obama's Hilarious 'Ew' Skit with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell
54 days ago

They got rid of Leno because he would not kiss Obummer's a$$ and not criticize him for all of the boo boos he's done to this country where as Fallon kisses up to the anointed one. Brown nosing is the quickest way to get around now days….

Barbara Peterson
Conrad Murray Claims 'I Didn't Kill Michael Jackson, He Accidentally Killed Himself'
142 days ago

These comments doesn't even belong on this page….they seemed to get on everything…better to delete than to let everyone read it…it's a nuisance.

Barbara Peterson
Extra Scoop: Lena Dunham’s Election Ad: ‘My First Time Was with Obama’
536 days ago

Is this America or some sleazy country? This ad should never be on air.