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Details! Rosie O'Donnell's 'View' Deal and Who She Reportedly Doesn't Want to Co-Host
12 days ago

Now that Rosie's back, it'll be very interesting who can speak the loudest and THINK their opinion counts most.....Rosie or Whoopi.

Jennifer Lopez Addresses Maksim Chmerkovskiy Dating Rumors
22 days ago

she's nothing but a whore-pig. IF she starts to date Maks, my opinion of him will take a major fall!

Look What Melanie Griffith Did to Her 'Antonio' Tattoo!
34 days ago

Melanie Griffith is nothing but a cheap whore.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas Call It Quits
46 days ago

Of course she would divorce him---it's a family thing to do, Besides, she has become totally ugly---and he has kept up his appearance and sexiness. I'm sure she feels deficient---and with good reason!

Tom Cruise’s Love Life: Girlfriends Past and Future
749 days ago

Who should Tom Cruise next, you ask?

How about Anderson Cooper.................