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Whoa! Is Keira Knightley’s Dress an Optical Illusion or Clever PhotoShop?
50 days ago

She has a tiny figure, and with the placement of the black waist area underneath the top and skirt, it looks odd to some. I love it and think it's clearly just what she looks like and would wear - like her vintage Chanel wedding dress.

Emotional Tribute to Gia Allemand Upstages 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo's Debut
108 days ago

I flashed by the show and to my surprise saw part of her tribute. Although very sad that someone is so disturbed that they take their own life, I do feel that it gives unwanted value to the choice she made. While everyone is sad, to those who want some sort of fame, she almost got her own show. We are seeing too many shows celebrating young people who either accidentally or on purpose lost their lives - suicide, drugs, alcohol. I don't like that unstable people go to this choice first without realizing that because of some sort of heart break, their lives are not over.

Nip Alert! Kendall Jenner in a Sexy See-Through Top
155 days ago

She comes from a family that make a living by being naked. Why not start at 16 years of age! Kim had her sex tape and they all keep California afloat with their boobage, so what's the shock? Too bad because she's a beautiful looking girl, who can probably do well without exposing herself to the world. Ahhh heritage!!

Wait, Kim Kardashian's Weight Loss Secret Isn't the Atkins Diet? Kim Denies Reports
155 days ago

This video made me laugh like crazy. It is so ridiculous and soooo not sexy! She's sitting there pouting like mad while humping the motorcycle - or wait - or is that Kanye? Right, she's humping him and the words to his rap are so silly! I mean, watch it and laugh your head off!

Mary McCormack Kicks Out Hubby After He’s Caught Kissing Katharine McPhee
182 days ago

He's so dedicated to his wife and three children that it's okay to have an affair with Katherine Mcfee. Can't understand why his wife doesn't get with the program! NOT!!!!! What a stupid waste and a lifetime of hurt for this betrayal.

Kim K Haters Want Her in Mom Jeans, Not Sexy Swimsuits! She Couldn’t Care Less
188 days ago

There's a difference between sexy and sleazy! Daring to go against the madman Kanye, she's conquered the sleazy role. As a woman who loves men, I love a great sexy look, but it's clear she's too full of herself and out of touch as to what really is sexy.

Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal II: As Many Women as Tiger Woods?
272 days ago

Who could possibly want a weiner for a mayor? New York is a dynamic city that doesn't need this creep as their mast head!

Photo! Kim Kardashian in Wedding Dress Fitting
603 days ago

I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. Over and over again. Her best partner in life is whomever is around at any given moment to nuture the I love myself recording.

'Dancing with the Stars' All-Star Lineup Announced
635 days ago

What?? All great dancers but 1 - guess having unprotected sex leading to an illegitimate child as a teenager, dealing drugs and committing crimes are the pathway to DWTS. So sad that some twisted producers had to contaminate a great list of contestants with one dull thud!