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Report: Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Separated
330 days ago

This family knowingly and willingly sold their souls to the media as well as the public, allowing complete strangers into their homes night after night, exposing the most intimate and personal aspects of their lives yet every time someone says something negative about them, they rant and rave. You can't have it both ways - you either respect and cherish your personal life and keep it private or you do like the Kardashians and show little if any self respect and time and time again prove that absolutely nothing in their lives is off limits to the public. So, every time they bitch and gripe about criticisms, they once again prove they're are the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Paris Jackson Gets Creepy Message from MJ’s Killer, Dr. Conrad Murray
411 days ago

I agree. While his actions leading up to MJ's death were careless, he knew Michael and his family very, very well. He was the personal physician of MJ for years and as such he was also a confidant. I have no doubt he never set out to hurt or kill MJ and regrets allowing it to get out of hand. Because this terrible tragedy occurred, doesn't mean he all of a sudden stopped caring about the Jackson's. A "killer" as you called him is someone who has no conscience about their actions-the shoot now, apologize later doesn't apply here. It's sad and tragic how the media has so much influence they can destroy someone's life or make it much worse than it already is.

Kristen Stewart: 'Sorry You're Angry' That I Cheated on Rob Pattinson
580 days ago

I agree 100% yet we keep reading over and over and over again how perfect strangers feel they've been personally wronged and justify their abhorrent behavior by somehow thinking she deserves it. No one deserves it. But here's the question that continues to baffle me, throughout the history of Hollywood, many other men and women have acted much, much worse than Kristen and yet nothing is said about them. She's being treated like there's no one on the planet that's worse than her but on the Hollywood scale, she barely registers a blip - can anyone explain it? I just don't get it. I hope by some miracle, this whole thing dies down and K & R can get back to their lives.

Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell Feud over Kristen Stewart
637 days ago

What's so funny about this is, Donald Trump is the consumate cheater, getting caught by his first wife on more than one occasion. I believe if I was in that category it would be difficult, if not extremely judgemental of me to point the finger at anyone in a similar situation. In fact, it's not a similar situation because Trump had several trysts and a long term affair with Marla Maples, resulting in a pregnancy. So, Kristen pales in comparison to this fool. It's one thing to judge others but to do it when you're on the heap of the s*** pile is pretty pathetic.

It’s On! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are a Couple Again
651 days ago

I'm not sure how you define a relationship but being ashamed of what they have is definitely not accurate. Remember 2010 at a Toronto hotel when candid photos were taken of R&K holding and kissing each other with Tom Sturridge standing close by? What about just this year at Cannes? There was a lengthy video of the couple hugging, kissing and talking, with more hugging and kissing. But, beyond those two obvious signs of affection, what they have isn't shame, it's called a desire for privacy. They have to share enough of themselves due to the industry they work in, they want to have at least one thing that's all theirs. Can you understand that? You don't have to be dry humping in public to show your love for one another.

Kate Middleton Topless Photos: Royal Family Furious with French Mag
676 days ago

IMO, Kate is one of the classiest women I know and to commit such a brazen invasion of privacy is unfortunately typical of the media. In recent months, they've definitely shown their true colors and justify it by attempting to hide behind the first amendment. Can you imagine her's and Will's horror when the photos were released? I don't care how much of a public figure you are, no one deserves to have their dignity trampled, very, very personal photos taken and basically humiliated for all the world to see. This reminds me of the media's treatment of Wills mom, Diana. It's terribly sad that history's repeating itself with this family and of all people, it seems to me that obviously good people such as Kate and Will don't deserve this. Next thing you know, these scum vultures will attempt to get in your bedroom with long range camera lenses, crafty manipulation and the obvious lack of any common decency. I truly wish there was a way to stop these people.

Robert Pattinson Heads to VMAs, Kristen Stewart Jets to Toronto
684 days ago

As with everything else the tabloids have written on this subject, you have zero credible and accurate information. Rob was scheduled to be at the VMA's and Kristen was scheduled to be at TIFF a while back. They've both done their fair share of work without the other by their side in the past so while you're trying so hard to make something big and juicy out of this, it's just not. Hell, you don't even know the status of their relationship so presuming to call them "estranged" is just more lies that fan the flames. Here's an idea, unless you have credible/accurate information, do something crazy, don't report it! You'd never write another story again.

Robert Pattinson Moving Back to UK?
691 days ago

I don't get it...Why do seemingly intelligent people continue to believe any and everything that's either printed or online? You would think by now, even after Rob himself said that you can't believe anything that's in the tabloids, people easily believe this crap. If you recall, about 4 months ago, Rob did an interview and was asked if he had a preference as to where he would live, he said, LA. He wouldn't have bought a home and settled there if he was planning a move in less than a year, despite his recent troubles. Unless you hear it from his mouth or see proof that his house is on the market, do yourself a favor, don't believe it.

Rihanna Text Flirting with Rob Pattinson
694 days ago

If any of the so called "sources" of Rob or Kristen were credible, they would have some pretty crappy friends. That's why they've surrounded themselves with people who are just as fierce about privacy as they are. Not to mention the fact that if a true insider was going to blab, it wouldn't be to the tabs. They've made their bed in the last month with lie after lie after lie. Anyone with half a brain knows that absolutely nothing that's been printed with or without the ever so elusive sources has an ounce of truth to it. These stories have done nothing but bring enormous pain and cause permanent damage to those involved. No one deserves that.

Kristen Stewart Pushed Out of Hiding by Jodie Foster
697 days ago

There has been an incredible amount of unnecessary damage done to Kristen and even though most have let off a little, it still continues. You just had to throw it in that Kristen had an affair when it's more than common knowledge she didn't. Fortunately, people are beginning to see how ruthless and heartless the tabloids are and I sincerely hope this teaches people a valuable lesson, although, I doubt it. There has been so much damage purposely inflicted that I doubt it can ever be made okay. But, here's what I don't get, Rob himself has said that nothing written in the past month is true, David Cronenburg, Robs director/friend has said that no one knows what's really going on, Agnelli, Kristens friend said that regarding this situation and the pictures that nothing is as it seems. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the public as well as the tabloids do not have the true and correct information. Here's where the insanity comes in...Even knowing all of this, the lies and hatred continue at an alarming rate. Kristen has been treated like she killed someone and stood over the body laughing. Not one piece of info has been substantiated nor confirmed. We don't even know if they've broken up or if Rob truly moved out or if she's begging and groveling for him to take her back, etc. Get the point?? Not one single story has been confirmed by a credible person. You keep saying "inside sources" or "people close to Rob or Kristen" - blah, blah, blah. Do you actually believe that any of their mutual friends or family members would blab to the tabloids? But, even if they did have the true story, they wouldn't print it because it's not juicy enough, doesn't sell or keep readers coming back. Just like Rob said, "you can't win with these people, if they don't have the story they want, they just make it up anyway". I truly hope Rob and Kristen are together, working through this and helping to hold each other up, like they've always done.

Robert Pattinson to Jimmy Kimmel: 'I'm Homeless'
698 days ago

Rob is very well known for saying things that aren't true but to get a laugh. Also, with all the media invasion, do you think he would even hint to having permanent digs? One more time, an example of no one knowing what's really going on so the vicious tabloids look for anything to put in print. It will be a miracle if Rob & Kristen come out of this without permanent damage and the fault of that is solely on the shoulders of the insane media.

Kristen Stewart Emerges from Hidey Hole Wearing RPatz's Clothing
700 days ago

I'm sure she looked beautiful as always. Hope she's doing okay. Unfortunately, with stories like this that show little if any credibility, this mess will continue. Neither her nor Rob were ever scheduled to be at any of the conventions so there wasn't anything to back out of. Hopefully, despite the treatment she's received from the tabs, she and Rob will rise above and survive this.

Phyllis Diller Dead at 95
701 days ago

I loved her, she was one of my all time favorites. She didn't care what people thought, she just did her thing and we all loved her for it. Genuine female comedians are a rarity and I'm sad I won't be able to see her and hear that unique voice and laugh anymore. RIP Phyllis.