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Albert Adams
Paul Walker Death Photo Being Shopped to Tabloids
126 days ago

I was the first firefighter paramedic on the scene and my helmet cam captured everything in very graphic detail. However, I have morals and would never dream of selling or even sharing this video with anyone....and I've already been approached by TMZ and 2 other outlets. After confirming that I had the video, they asked if I would be interested in doing an interview and selling them the rights. I respectfully declined and was called 7 more times in the week following. I didn't return any of the calls. How would you feel if this was one of your loved one's? I capture all the fires, rescues, etc...that I am called to. We use these videos for professional reasons, to see what we did and how we can improve next time. Not for people who want to see a gruesome death for entertainment. I was actually approached by one of the friends of Paul Walker who is very famous and will remain nameless. He offered to buy it from me just so he could destroy it so that I wouldn't be tempted to sell it. I assured him that wasn't necessary and asked that he use that money he offered me and donate it to a local charity. He did so later that day and made the donation in the name of our fire station. So, I will always hold up my end of the deal.