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Jamie Foxx Calls Spike Lee’s ‘Django’ Comments ‘Irresponsible’
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First off, in the Americas, Native Americans were the first slaves and when they started killing us off with very brutal work and diseases unknown to us, then they bought aficans from tribal leaders who wanted to spare they sold your people out. This thing about race and the n word is sooooo over rated bc I can go all over the place and hear black people saying if its soooooo derogatory....why do the african americans sit there and call each other that.....I don't see people making a fuss when someone calls a Native American a savage in a movie or other names....the movies get praise! So why when it comes to African Americans its more derogatory....they are people just like everyone else so if it applies to one person it should apply to all and not just bc you are scared they will pull the race card on you....the race card is wayyyyy over played bc only certain people can use it. I believe if he used it in a way that it was apart of the culture of that time its ok.....what people fail to understand is yes that is a dark part of American history but it doesnt change the fact that it did happen. IT HAPPENED AND NOT ONLY WITH THE AFRICAN AMERICANS....FIRST THE NATIVE AMERICANS....Take some history lessons.