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Pic! Justin Bieber Naked, Serenading Grandma
255 days ago

Why on earth would anyone do something so freaking stupid? Why would a grandmother want to see her grown grandson stand before her naked? What's the point? Goes to show you how stupid and what a dumb punk ass little $hit this kid really is.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s $10-Million Divorce War
343 days ago

Wow fosikymufeqA2 , I'm wondering what kind of a job you have, making that much money and not knowing proper English or how to spell. Very scary!

Ryan Lochte to Jump into 'DWTS' or 'The Bachelor'?
621 days ago

Oh Please! Seriously?

'Bachelorette' Breakdown: Emily's Emotional Send-Off for Sean
652 days ago

Come on people, do the math! There were three left standing Monday night. All three of these guys are wonderful, (from what we see anyway). You know she can only pick one so obviously she had to send one home and narrow it down to two. How she could send any one of the three remaining great guys home is a tough one. I, myself, would not want to be in her shoes with the guys she had to choose from. Emily is not in any way doing what the producers want her to do, this I know for a fact and she does not need the money, this I also know for a fact. Now, do the math again. She still has to send yet one more great guy home, thus leaving the one and only. She may or may not be making the right decision in your/our eyes. She has to follow HER heart, not ours! From what we/I see and or think, Sean, Jef or Arie would make a great husband and father. The two that she does not pick will make some other woman very happy. I wish the guys and Emily all the best!

Adam Levine Trades Girlfriend in for New Model
692 days ago

All I can say is....oh so sexy!